Our Purpose is ” To support the sound growth of the client companies and to create a great future for the client companies and their employees”. Based on this, we provide the following solutions to support corporate HR operations to ensure that our clients comply with labor-related laws and regulations, and to create a work environment in which employees can perform at their best with peace of mind.

1. HR Compliance

Global companies that have just established a subsidiary in Japan tend to think that their headquarters HR department alone can manage their employees as long as key positions such as sales, engineering, etc. are filled, the minimum required social insurance procedures are completed, and salaries are paid. However, like other countries, Japan has a variety of labor-related laws and regulations that must be observed when hiring employees. In Japan, one of the world’s most aging societies, companies are expected to maintain the employment of their employees as long as possible, and recent amendments to laws and regulations have increased corporate responsibility for “proper tracking of working hours,” “anti-harassment measures,” and “employee health management. Thus, if the company fails to comply with its legal obligations and a problem arises, the company will certainly be held liable. In addition, an employee could post on a website that the company is not complying with laws and regulations (e.g., failure to pay overtime, inaction in dealing with harassment), which could affect the company’s branding. HR Compliance is directly related to “protecting the company”.

1-1. Preparation of work rules and other documents related to HR
We prepare and review work rules, employment contracts, and other documents necessary for HR. Since many global companies have common policies worldwide, we also localize such policies to conform to Japanese labor-related laws and regulations.

1-2. Response to Investigations by Administrative Agencies
We attend investigations by the Labor Standards Inspection Office and work with HR to improve any issues that need to be corrected.

1-3. Harassment investigation
When an ER case such as harassment occurs, we will conduct interviews with the parties concerned and investigate the facts.

Mandatory items per number of employees

2. HR Operations

We will assist with HR operations when HR resources are insufficient. The tasks and workload will vary depending on the company’s growth phase, so please contact us for more details.

2-1. HR outsourcing(interim local HR and interim HR manager)
In a company without a full-time HR manager or local HR, we perform HR duties in place of HR manager or local HR. (For example, when the HR manager is absent due to sudden retirement, etc., )
In the case of a Japanese company without a local HR, we operate HR operations as a interim local HR in collaboration with the headquarters HR department or support local HR when local HR alone does not have enough resources.

2-2. HR Project Manager
We provide hands-on work and project management for projects focused on specific HR function. We have completed a variety of projects in the past, including HR policy reviews, HR system requirement definition, and streamlining of HR operations.

3. HR Advisory

We work with HR managers and executives as advisors to find solutions to HR issues. For global companies that do not have an HR department in Japan, we advise headquarters HR departments on Japanese HR practices and labor laws and regulations. For global companies that do not have an HR department in Japan, we advise headquarters HR departments on Japanese HR operations and labor laws and regulations. While most global companies entering Japan will have contracted with a law firm, we are also available to provide advice at the operational level that occurs on a day-to-day basis.

<Example of consultation>
*I want to review the HR policy in order to motivate employees.
*I want to reduce mismatches in hiring.
*I want to increase the employee retention rate.
*I want to explain health insurance and unemployment insurance to my foreign employees.
*I want to know how to deal with low performers in Japan.
*I want to localize a global policy for Japan.