Representative Specified Social Security Attorney

Nobukazu Nishio

Nobukazu Nishio started his career at a semi-major accounting firm, where he was in charge of payroll calculation and social insurance procedures for approximately 20 foreign-affiliated companies, as well as revisions to work regulations. After that, I worked in the Human Resources Department of Dell Computer Corporation (now Dell Technologies Corporation), where he was in charge of payroll calculation and social insurance and labor affairs for approximately 800 people. He then moved to SAP Japan K.K., where he worked as an instructor of SAP ERP HCM(now SAP SuccessFactors) and HR consultant in the consulting division. As an instructor of SAP ERP HCM, he received the highest rating ever from the training participants. He was then selected to head the HR Special Task Force Team in the consulting division, where he was responsible for mass hiring and organizational development of consultants in the consulting division.  He moved to ABeam Consulting K.K., where as a senior manager, he was responsible for launching a new education business, change management projects, and business improvement projects. He moved to Trend Micro K.K., where as a senior manager, he was responsible for managing both the new graduate and mid-career recruiting team and the HR planning & operations team in the Human Resources Department. After that, he established Bear Specific Social Security Attorney Office in 2014. Since that time, he has been specializing in providing hands-on HR services and support to companies, rather than payroll calculation and social insurance procedures. With the beliefs of “thinking about how we can do it, not why we can’t,” “client first,” and “never stop thinking,” he is an English-speaking social security attorney with knowledge of HR operations, labor laws and regulations, and HRIS.

When I was working with companies, I kept telling my team members, “Don’t think that tomorrow will come when you are doing the same thing as today”. This not only means that you will not grow if you just do the same things you have always done, but also because I wanted them to become people who constantly think, decide, and act on their own in response to events and situation new to us, such as the development of technology beyond prediction and changes in employees’ lifestyles and motivation toward work.

And now, in addition to changes in the business environment, the world is facing an even more confusing and unpredictable future as we respond to emergencies such as Covid-19. Simply following precedents and conventional practices will not work.  I am afraid say it may be difficult to respond flexibly to such a situation with only in-house talents. No wonder. In the beginning, the ability to respond flexibly to change was not that much required of in-house employees. That is why my office receives inquiries from clients who expect us to have the ability to solve problems that are lacking within the company. However, I think it is most appropriate for in-house personnel to be able to respond to changes and unknown situations. I believe that employees who think, decide, and act on their own can have confidence and satisfaction in their work, and the company can grow. I hope that through our services, we can ultimately realize the growth of the clients and the happiness of the employees. It is with this in mind that I interact with our clients every day.